Great Falls Race 2015

Teaser for the Fall Line video        |      A short video of running the Falls       |       Photos of VA lines by Eric Kaufman   
Photos of the Fishladder by Amaury Laporte

Welcome to the 2015 Great Falls Race! The race is a collaborative effort between,  Liquid Adventures Kayak School, Active Nature,  the National Park Service, and a group of dedicated volunteers.   Proceeds will go to the benefit the American Whitewater Association.
As always, the actual course will be finalized the day of the event and will be determined by water level. However, we should have an educated guess on the likely course a week before the race.  This information will appear on this website a week before.

Please note the following:
Racers MUST pre-register from this website. We will create a start list the night before the race, so that racers will know what their start order will be.  No registrations or money will be accepted the day of the event.

Spectators are invited: Watch top kayakers from around the nation dash down the falls and compete for the Great Falls Race trophy. The Great Falls Race is an annual opportunity to celebrate and promote the Potomac River, our sport, and the large and diverse community of paddlers in this region.
After the Race Party:   Food, music, awards, and camping! Come out and celebrate!  7 pm - 12 am
Directions:  Will be held at:  Active Nature 15205 Montevideo Rd, Poolesville, MD 20837 - 11 miles from Potomac Village:
General Information: The race course is dependent on the river level. Check this website for updates starting the week before the race about what the race line will be and the best points for spectating.
Classes:   Competitors may compete in two classes. Classes will run in the following order:
Long Boat Class – 9 ft and above
C-1 Class
Short Boat Class – 8.11 ft and below
Men and women will run together in their class.  Three boats are needed to make a class. If there are fewer than three boats in a class those times may be combined into another class. 
Rules:   All racers must be able to attest to their experience paddling class V white water and be familiar with the lines on Great Falls.  Racers will be screened by the race director. If there is any doubt about the racer competing in a safe manner, that racer will not be allowed to enter. All racers will be required to print and sign an ACA waiver to be brought to the race.
Check-in shall open at 9:00 AM near the Great Falls Tavern, MD side, where you will sign a waiver and get a numbered bib.
A competitors meeting will be held in the Great Falls Maryland parking lot at 9:30 AM. Course, levels, safety, event layout, schedule, and media needs will all be covered at the meeting. The race starts at 11:00 AM.

All racers will complete a timed preliminary run with race order determined by class and then bib number. The top 10 in each boat class will get a second run, which will be counted as their final time.  Final runs will go in the same order as the first runs.

Racers will start on one minute intervals or as directed by the Starter. The next 3 racers in order should be on deck and ready to paddle. Racers will be held in place by the stern of their boats by the Starter’s Assistant at the starting location. The Starter will provide a countdown to the start. Time ends when the racer hits the finish line or target, as determined by the Finish Judges. For safety, racers will please remain on the water in the finish area until the next two racers finish, before leaving.

Any dispute regarding results (timing, judging, etc.) must be brought to the attention of the Race Director.  Anyone with a dispute  must be able to substantiate their claim, or original results will stand.

Final results will be published on this website the day after the race with the winners announced at the After-Race Party.  No times or placements will be released before the Party.

Tom McEwan, Race Director      

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Great Falls Race Registration

Boat Class

Long Boat

Short Boat

K-1 W

choose as many as two classes


Cell Phone Number
begin with 01, then number
Please summarize your experience as a kayaker and include the number of times running the falls
must have run the Falls recently at least twice


Experience the thrill!  July 11, 2015

Class V Whitewater.... Great Falls of the Potomac..... 30 of the baddest boaters… one trophy